5 Elements RPO

A Global Recruitment Process Outsourcing Company!

5 Elements RPO is the most proficient Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Organization. It delivers optimum Productivity empowered by effective campaigns. Head quartered at Santa Clara California (US), we operate from offices across the globe focusing every time on finding the most competent person to deliver excellence for our clients.

In 5 Elements RPO we strongly believe in hiring people with the right blend of skills and abilities have a galvanizing effect on the corporate performance & sustainability. We provide End-to-End HR Solutions catering to the diverse needs of the clients.

5 Elements RPO practices cutting edge Recruitment Processes at a global scale, unmatched in the industry.

Impact of Effective Recruitment:-

  • Increased productivity:- One of the most significant and critical human resource management function is hiring the right kind of people. Some organizations take hasty decisions regarding recruitment and hire employees who are a misfit for the organization. This adversely affects organizational productivity and performance as well as blurs the overall goal achievement. The candidates understand the vision and mission of the organization and try to imbibe that in their own performance. This leads to an increase in the productivity.
  • Reduced Recruitment Cost:- All the organizations have understood one fact – wrong hiring decisions will lead them to incur a heavy cost. To acquire and retain highly talented employees is very critical to any organization’s success and performance. All the companies are in the rat race to acquire the best people. With the increasing and diversified talent market, recruiters have more alternatives in front of them. A huge cost is involved in all the hiring processes. Even the post employment phase forces the organization to incur a heavy cost towards a single employee. So any fault in the hiring process or hiring a wrong candidate would increase the cost of the company. On the other hand, effective hiring process will reduce the same.  An efficient and effective hiring process helps in streamlining the processes of sourcing, interviewing, recruiting and training.
  • Skilled Manpower:- Various recruitment processes filter the candidates at various levels and ultimately onboard those candidates who align themselves with the values of the organization and work accordingly to maintain it. This leads to an accumulation of highly skilled and talented pool of employees in the organization. And this positively affects the performance and health of the organization.  
  •  Low Attrition of Recruited Manpower:- An effective recruitment process will reduce the attrition rate. After a very extensive and effective recruitment process, only the talented candidates will be filtered in. They would carry with them a zeal and enthusiasm to perform better and prove something.  So there are less likely chances of these employees to leave the organization.
  • Higher Manpower Morale:- A positive competition will lead to higher performance of the organization. And this can be achieved through higher employee morale. Higher the morale, higher is the commitment and motivation for employees to do their jobs efficiently and effectively.A good crowd of employees will motivate each other. Also a mild competition will exist which will always keep the employees enthusiastic and would increase their morale.