The HR functions give us some idea of the qualities which a successful HR manager must possess. The most important quality is his/her ability to deal successfully with people who have likes and dislikes, whims and fancies, who favour some and are prejudiced against others. The other qualities are :-

  1. 1.       Fairness and firmness:- This is a basic quality of the HR manager. He/she should be fair in matters of promotions, demotions, transfers, layoffs, and be firm in enforcing discipline.
  2. 2.       Tact and resourcefulness:– The HR manager must be tactful in dealing with difficult situations. Tact implies determining what is good and fair in trying conditions, and skill in dealing with the most demanding situations.
  3. 3.       Sympathy and consideration:- The HR manager must be guided sympathetic attitude towards employee demands. True, several of the demands are unreasonable, but patient listening, open mind, and concern for employees’ welfare make recalcitrant workers relent. Similarly, intentions and actions of the HR manager must be tempered with consideration for others.
  4. 4.       Knowledge of labour and other terms:– The HR manager must possess a sound knowledge of the Constitution and other acts that influence labour interests. He/she must also be aware of the government’s policy towards labour the general economic conditions prevailing at a given time.
  5. 5.       Broad social outlook:- Social responsibility of business is a topic much discussed these days. Business units undertake several activities in the name of social responsibility. It is desirable that the HR manager has a social outlook and contribute towards the betterment of quality of life of the employees and those who live around and beyond the company.
  6. 6.       Others:- The HR Manager must have the competence to perform activities relating to personnel better than his/her subordinates. This would earn him/her their enormous respect. It is confidence which equips the HR Manager to face adverse situations with courage. It enables the manager to kindle hope in subordinates when their spirits are down.
  7. 7.       Academic qualifications:- The HR manager needs no specialized academic degrees, unlike a cost accountant, chartered accountant, doctor, engineer or a professor in a university who must possess the prescribed qualification to enter their respective professions.
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